Power To Save Special June 2012

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

7:30pm – 8:00pm

WNEP-TV’s Don Jacobs and Jackie Lewandoski take us on a journey – from cleaning up our river from the September flood to protecting some of our most delicate pollinators.  One company upgrades for energy-efficiency and finds it can actually generate some of its own power!  And, who wants to pay for things we don’t use?


Whether you have a boat or a strong back, people are turning some of the recovery efforts towards the Susquehanna River itself.  When the waters receded, large amounts of debris was left on the banks and on the islands.  June 29th and 30th have been put aside to begin the cleanup effort along one stretch of the river.  Click here to see how you can help.  You must pre-register.  Watch the video here.

PROTECTING THE BEES! – Jackie Lewandoski

In some areas, the bee population has been shrinking, collapsing.  Why is that important?  Well, a large part of the American diet is built from foods that need to be pollinated and bees are a huge part of that equation.  Learn why it’s important to relocate a nuisance hive rather than destroy it.  Jackie visits the Susquehanna Bee Keepers Association and a Master Gardener in Susquehanna County who is certified as a Penn State Pollinator Garden.  Watch the video here.


WNEP’s Jackie Lewandoski, along with PPL Electric Utilities, show us how we can save money while we’re away on vacation.  Don’t miss these tips.  Watch the video here.

ELECTRICITY FROM WASTEWATER – Newswatch 16’s Nikki Krize

When Furmanos canning in Northumberland County decided to spend the money to update their waste water treatment plant, they went one step further.  They put in a system that generated methane as a by-product.  That methane is now being turned into energy.  the great outdoors.  Find out how much savings that might compute out to be.  Watch the video here.