Additional Charges for Alleged Robber

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SCRANTON -- A Scranton man arrested for a string of robberies in Lackawanna and Luzerne counties was charged again today for another convenience store hold-up.

Gerald Fuller of Scranton was all set for a hearing this morning for two of those robberies, and employees from the stores he allegedly robbed were prepared to testify against him.

But, the judge postponed that hearing and instead police charged fuller with yet another hold-up.

Fuller told police he had simply fallen on hard times when he started admitting to more than a dozen robberies at restaurants and convenience stores.

The latest, a Turkey Hill in Dickson City. Fuller was charged with robbery for allegedly holding up the store on March 30th. Employees there said Fuller was wearing a tan-colored jacket and a ski mask.

It was that same description that lead Blakely Police Chief Guy Salerno to pull Fuller over after a robbery in Archbald two weeks ago.

"Being that I had an accurate description, the make and model of the vehicle, I was able to see it, stop it, and that's what lead to everything else," Salerno said.

Fuller was first charged with the June 15th robbery at the Burger King in Eynon. Then, police started connecting the dots, eventually charging him with 13 robberies. Mostly at gas station convenience stores in Lackawanna and Luzerne counties.

Police say Fuller wore the same tan jacket and ski mask in most of the robberies. Now, he faces close to 40 separate robbery charges.

"It is amazing, we had no idea he was responsible for so many. We knew at the end of that night that he was responsible for two in Archbald but I had no idea he was involved in this many robberies," Salerno added.

Fuller is expected to be back in Lackawanna County court to face some of those charges later on this week.

He did not post bail after his most recent arraignment today, Fuller is still locked up in Lackawanna County prison.