Workers Beating the Heat

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SUNBURY -- Beating the heat may be easy for some, but plenty of workers in Northumberland County can't escape the summer scorcher.

"It's a challenge working in this type of heat. It's excruciating out here right now," said Leonard Stopper of HMI construction.

Sunbury's river walk construction hasn't come to a halt during this hot weather. We found workers busy along Front Street. They're preparing for a paving project later this week, and said the key to staying safe on the job in these temperatures is being smart.

"It gets hard every once in a while, but as long as you take breaks when you have to, you'll be alright," said Alex Eck, a construction worker.

Just around the block, Zartman Construction crews worked on roof repairs. They got an early start in the morning, trying to escape the hottest hours of the day.

"The heat really rises, just like anything else. It just soaks you and you're challenging yourself just to stay hydrated and to stay focused, so it's challenging," said John Spicher, a Zartman Construction worker.

John Spicher said these high temperatures were especially hard to handle because it's the first real heat wave of the season.

Crews are making sure they're paying close attention to their work, avoiding any unnecessary accidents.

"I just try to be careful, watch where I'm stepping, make sure I don't step on anything. I just try to pay attention to what I'm doing," said Chris Buckholtz, a Zartman Construction worker.

The week promises to bring more high temperatures, but workers are hopeful it won't last too long.

"This heat sort of came on here in a hurry and hopefully it will get out of here in a hurry," said Stopper.