Sandusky Defense Tries to Cast Doubt on McQueary Story

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BELLEFONTE - A family friend of Mike McQueary told jurors a slightly different story than the one Mike McQueary shared on the stand last week about witnessing Jerry Sandusky sexually assaulting a boy.

Dr. Jonathan Dranov was at the McQueary home in State College the night Mike McQueary said he saw Sandusky and the boy in the Lasch Football building showers.  McQueary's dad called Dranov for advice about what they should do regarding what Mike witnessed.

Dranov testified that Mike McQueary told him about hearing "sexual sounds" when he entered the locker rooms that night in 2001.  Dranov said McQueary said he saw a young boy in the shower, then the arm of a man reach out and pull the boy back into that shower.

"I can't remember exactly what he said after that. He said he turned around and faced the shower and a man came out and it was Jerry Sandusky," said Dr. Dranov.

McQueary told jurors a more graphic story last week.  He said he heard a sexual slapping sound upon entering the locker room.  Then he said he witnessed Sandusky pinning a boy up against the shower wall.  He said it clearly looked like Sandusky was having sex with the boy.   He said then he got a second look and the two had separated and were looking right at him.

McQueary's father John testified last week that his son told him a similar story.  John McQueary also testified that Mike told him the story first that night, before Dranov arrived at the McQueary home and Mike had to tell the story again to Dranov.

"If I could describe it his voice was trembling, his hands were shaking, he was visibly shaken," said Dranov, describing Mike McQueary that night.  He said it was shocking to see McQueary so shaken.

Dranov said he tried to push McQueary to tell him more about what he saw, but said McQueary was so upset he decided to step back and not press for more details.

"The conversation went on about what had to be done and what should be done. In Mike's mind it was an incident that had to be reported," continued Dranov on the stand.  "He knew he had to report it. I advised him to tell his supervisor Joe Paterno.  That's what he did. I don't think he needed that advice."

The defense also called to the stand an organizer for The Second Mile who arranged golf tournaments for Jerry Sandusky's organization.  He was shown a letter sent to McQueary thanking him for being in a 2001 golf tournament, a photo of McQueary at a golf tournament and a list of potential players for that tournament.

The defense is trying to show that McQueary attended an event with Jerry Sandusky shortly after allegedly witnessing that incident in 2001.   Prosecutors pointed out, however, that the photo was undated and the list of potential players was just that, a list of people who could play in the tournament not those who actually did.