Taste Test: Newtons Fruit Thins

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SCRANTON -- New on shelves at Walmart in Taylor, Lackawanna County: Newtons Fruit Thins in lemon crisp and apple cinnamon oat. It's a crispy, fruity cookie from Nabisco.

Our first testers tried lemon crisp.

"I think they'll be great for summer and the outdoors," said Abby Sauter from Scranton. "They taste really lemony. I think they're really good."

But not everyone was on board with the crispy cookie.

"You probably need a drink when you're eating it because it's quite dry. But really not that bad," said Michael Nole of Clarks Summit.

Seymore Kurzwil of Scranton liked the apple cinnamon flavor, but missed the fruit filling of the original-style Newton.

"I like it because it's crisp, but it doesn't have that much fruit in it," said Kurzwil.

Ann Boyko and her daughter, Joann Hallesky, loved Fruit Thins in both flavors.

"This one tastes very good!" said Boyko.

"I love it. Crispy, firm. I bet it's less calories," guessed Hallesky.

Unfortunately, her guess was wrong.

Fruit Thins have 140 calories per serving.

Original Fig Newtons have 110 calories per serving.

As for the rest of the nutrition label, Fruit Thins have five grams of fat, 22 grams of carbohydrates and two grams of protein.

Overall, Newtons Fruit Thins got mixed reviews from our testers.

We found them for $3.68 a package at Walmart.