Pittston Fireworks Display Cancelled

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PITTSTON -- The sights and sounds of July Fourth fireworks traditionally dazzle the crowds gathered to watch at Pittston's Waterfront Park.

Back in 2008, one father told us how much they mean to his boys.

"Every year we look forward to it, me and my two sons and their buddies here, to see the fireworks," said John Peterson

But Pittston city officials say that display won't happen this year. The fireworks have been cancelled. The traditional display costs the city about $7,500. Officials say that money will be used for other community projects.

"I think it's terrible. A lot of the people like to go down to the water to watch, but usually I go by myself and I don't mind. They gotta do what they gotta do but I like to watch the fireworks," said Brenda NarsavageĀ of Pittston.

"It was something to look forward to. The city people and the ones across the river did a heck of a job the last few years. The people are really going to miss it," said John Reedy of Pittston.

City officials said they had to cancel this year's fireworks for a number of reasons including damage to Waterfront Park from last year's floods, also out of respect to the flood victims' families across the river in West Pittston, and also because of a weak economy. Although the decision wasn't popular with everyone, most people we talked to said it's OK and that they'll be back next year.

"It's awesome. I went two years ago and it was great. I am sad to see we won't have it this year but it will give the victims time to heal and maybe next year they will come around again," said Jennifer Wakefield of Pittston.

"I think it's OK to miss them for that reason because they are just doing their job and they will be back next year. Like everything else, they will come back bigger and better," said George Finnan of Pittston.

City officials say they hope to bring the fireworks back next year and if not, definitely for 2014.