Warm Spring Pushes Market to Open Early

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The 24th annual Shenandoah Farmers Market has opened nearly two weeks early. That's in part due to the warm spring we've had.

Gloria Pastula of Frackville was busy buying fruit at the farmers market in Shenandoah.

"I see the farm market is open, and I figured what can you get that is fresh off the farm so I stopped and saw some of the cherries and ended up buying some of the cherries." said Pastula.

Customer Ed Anderson said locally grown fruit is in big demand.

"I like fruits and I rush for fruits and i buy it and I am going to take this to my grandson in New York tomorrow," said Anderson.

The farmers market is open nearly two weeks ahead of schudule, in part, because of the warmer than normal spring. Farmer John Rumbel said the weather has been unusual.

"It pushed the fruit trees a lot earlier and then they bloomed and we had the frost and we had a cold snap which froze the fruit so we're not going to have a lot of peaches and plums like that," said Rumbel.

However, farmer Lois Klinger said other crops survived and thrived.

"We were able to start our zucchini, cucumbers, and we have beans coming right along and tomatoes," said Klinger.

Mark Bernardyn of the Shenandoah Chamber of Commerce said the farmer's market brings people downtown.

"With the Shenandoah Chamber of Commerce, we're trying to do whatever we can for the betterment of the community and this defiantly adds to it," said Bernardyn.

The Shenandoah Farmers Market is open every Tuesday and Friday from 8 a.m. until 12 p.m. right throughThanksgiving.