Man Wanted for Attempted Kidnapping

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In Wayne County, police are looking for a man they said tried to lure three young girls into his car not once, not twice, but six times.

They said the man took off. He's now on the loose and is considered armed and dangerous.

Waymart police said the man, Jeremiah Wareham, 28, of South Canaan, pulled up next to the girls Wednesday afternoon, made obscene gestures and repeatedly told them to get in his car, but the girls got away.

Parents we spoke with said, they can't believe something like this would happen in their small community.

What started out as a warm day in the park here in Wayne County, quickly turned into danger for three young girls.

"I have two stepdaughters who live in Waymart and just to think that there's a guy in the same community that they are living in. It's just really scary, as a parent to think it could have happened to them," said Katie Talarico of South Canaan.

"I see it now creeping into our communities, places that we always assumed were safe," said JoAnn Lewis of Waymart.

It happened near Wayside Park, when police said the girls were walking down the street when Wareham pulled up and made obscene gestures and said nasty things. Police said he didn't stop there. When the girls started running, he followed them and asked them five more times to get in the car.

Police said Wareham then drove off, and their search led them to South Canaan Township where they found the dark grey car he was driving.

"There were state police, Waymart Police, Carbondale Police, a K-9 unit, all centralized at a location about half a mile from our house," says Talarico.

Police said they searched the area for Wareham for about three hours, and K-9's even picked his scent for a few miles, but police had to end the search when it got dark.

Now they want parents and children to be careful and be on the lookout for anyone suspicious.

"This isn't something that happens every day, this is a small community, obviously parents need to explain to their children to be aware of what's going on, their surroundings. They have to be more vigilant, they have to pay more attention," said Sergeant Keith Rynearson of the Waymart Police Department.

Police said Wareham has a record and was once convicted of lewdness in Lackawanna County. Now he's wanted for numerous crimes, including felony attempted kidnapping, six counts of luring a child into a vehicle, and lewdness.

If you have any information on his whereabouts, call Waymart Police at 570-488-7575.

Again, police said Wareham is considered armed and dangerous.

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