Pocono Raceway Oldies but Goodies

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One popular spot in the Poconos became the third largest city in the state Sunday.

Pocono Raceway packed in tens of thousands of fans for the Pocono 400.

More than 100,000 race fans packed the stands and the infield to experience everything Pocono 400 has to offer this year.

Pocono Raceway in Long Pond has been a popular attraction since the seventies, and this year, there are many new upgrades to the track.

It's now called "The Pocono 400", the track is new and so is the scoreboard.

There`s also a mascot for the first time ever, named "Tricky the Fox".

For some fans, the Pocono 400 is their first Pocono Raceway experience.

"We`re pretty impressed so far," said Ron Jones of Niagara Falls.

It seems like all week, Newswatch 16 has been focusing on what`s new at the Pocono 400. So the crew decided to find out the oldies but goodies fans flock to each year.

Mike Haskins has been volunteering for Pocono Raceway for 21 years. You can say he's put in his time, and he said an oldie but goodie for him is definitely the Pocono Raceway fan.

As it turns out, he`s not the only one who feels that way.

"There are people who have also been coming here for many years and they may only see each other once or twice a year. It`s like a family reunion," said Haskins.

"It isn`t just the facilities that people come back for, it`s the people," said Bob Uguccioni, the former Executive Director of the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau.

"Fans are definitely a big aspect of who we are," said Brandon Igdalsky, the President and CEO of the Pocono Raceway.

When you ask the fans what they like, one woman said the pits are her favorite.

"You get to see everything that`s involved in the race. It brings in new perspective to everything. You get to see what goes on behind the scenes," said Beverly Todd of Jersey Shore

Speaking of behind the scenes, NASCAR is the first sports organization world-wide to partner up with Twitter, a social media website. Thanks to Twitter, fans can get even more of a behind the scenes look at all the action.