Neighbors Want Stripped Home Cleaned Up

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Some people in Luzerne County living next to a rundown house want the mess cleaned up because the owners stripped their old home for metal and parts.

The neighbors in Sugar Notch said pieces of the house are now ending up in their yards.

From Michelle O'Konski's backyard in Sugar Notch you have a good view of what she sees every day.  The empty house two doors down has been stripped of just about everything the homeowners could salvage.

Siding dangles off the house and the front door is wide open, revealing even a bigger mess inside.

"I think that`s it's depreciating my property value. It's a safety hazard for the kids, for the road because things are blowing across, cars are swerving to miss it, slamming on their brakes," said O'Konski.

"I think it's disgusting. There's no reason for it.  We're told that there will be rodents here by the humane society. They were here the other day," said Heather Henichek.

According to the borough there was nothing illegal about the homeowners stripping the home for parts, however it's the condition that they left it in that is violating ordinances.

"We've had it in our yard. We have a pool and everything yea and it's still there's pieces laying back there. It's disgusting. It's honestly disgusting," added Henichek.

The borough council president said a new code enforcement officer took office just a few days ago after the previous one retired and that caused a delay in citing the property.

Newswatch 16 could not track down the homeowners, but officials said they will be warned and then cited if the property isn't cleaned up and secured and the house will also be placed on a sheriff sale for lack of tax payments.