Crash Victim’s Family Look For Witnesses

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The family of a man who was involved in a crash with Hazleton's police chief is looking for answers and witnesses. As that happens, officials said Tuesday
state police have taken over the investigation.

Kayann Smith has been busy these days taking flyers into businesses in Hazleton, hoping to find witnesses.

Just over two weeks ago a motorcycle and a car driven by Hazleton's Police Chief  Frank Deandrea crashed at an intersection downtown. The question is who had the green light and who was at fault?

Walter Bloss, 80, of Hazleton was driving the motorcycle. He was hospitalized for his injuries and now is in a nursing home. Kayann Smith is his daughter.

"He had the light. The light was green to go across the road and when he proceeded he said he got the wind blown right out of him. This car hit him so hard and the last words he heard from the chief was, 'Oh my God!'" Smith said.

She explained the flyers have a phone number for witnesses to call.

"It's so hard on the family but especially on him. I ask please anybody that saw this to please come out," Smith added.

Hazleton police had been investigating the crash. Smith said that was a conflict of interest.

"I don't understand at all how the Hazleton Police Department can investigate their own chief of police, investigating their own boss," Smith said.

In a late development, a spokesman for Hazleton police said after discussing the case with the Luzerne County district attorney and the State Attorney General's office,  a decision has been made to turn the crash case  involving the chief of police over to the state police.

Chief Deandrea said he does not want to comment on an investigation in which he is involved.

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