Fire Destroys Troy Township Municipal Building

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Flames from a fire early Sunday morning burned through the walls of the Troy Township Municipal Building in Bradford County, melting expensive equipment such as snow plows and tractors. There was nothing left but ashes and debris all over the land.

Supervisor Terry Lutz said damage estimates could top one million dollars.

"We lost a significant amount of equipment, four dump trucks and a loader plus a lot of small equipment. Plus the building appears to be a total loss, but that's up to the insurance adjuster," said Lutz.

Township resident Cody Kang was shocked to hear the news of what fire officials said was an accidental electrical fire.

"Wow, there's a lot of damage and a lot of money that's going to have to be accounted for," said Kang. "Hopefully they can get back up and running, and our roads stay good to go for the summer and stuff."

In nearby Troy Borough, government officials said they are happy to lend a hand to help out the township.

"We called this morning and offered some equipment, dump truck, pick-up, office space for them to use till they get things squared away up here," said Troy Borough Manager Dan Close.

"They're going to have to recuperate, and I'm sure they're insured but there's always costs that you don't see. Certainly glad that it didn't happen to us in the borough and it caused me to think about off-site storage for some of our records and computer information," Close added.

With all the damage from the fire, workers are saying it's going to take at least two months to clean up the building.

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