Fire Destroys Edwardsville Home

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A family in Luzerne County is staying elsewhere after fire ripped through their home Wednesday afternoon in Edwardsville.

Firefighters had a difficult time fighting the flames.

Huge flames ripped through the roof of the home on Green Street in Edwardsville.

Smoke could be seen pouring out of the house as more than a dozen firefighters worked to put out the blaze just before 2 p.m.

The heat and wind worked against them, causing firefighters to take several water and oxygen breaks during the fight.

"You got blue bird skies, you got the sun. It's the hot pavement, the fire itself, once you put gear, 25 to 30 pounds of gear. It's not like a day at the beach," said Deputy Chief Frank Slymock.

At one point, the flames got so bad the chief sent out a call to pull all the firefighters out from inside for fear the roof would collapse.

"Well we saw the roof was starting to give and collapse. It was better to lose the roof than crew of guys on third floor," Slymock added.

Two women, homeowner Brenda Naigle, and her daughter, Michelle Krapf live in the house.

Naigle said she was outside cleaning the pool with her dog Ruby when she saw the smoke.

She said she has no idea what happened but that no one was inside when the home went up in flames.

Carol O'Kane, her daughter and grandson live next door. The heat coming from the fire melted the siding down on her daughter's house.

She said firemen were spraying the home down with water to try to keep it from catching fire.

O'Kane said her daughter wasn't home when the blaze sparked but she will be upset because they just fixed it all up.

"They added a room on, the roof, the siding. Her brothers helped to the work on the house," O'Kane said. She added this is awful for everyone involved, especially those who lost everything.

"Sick, sick. Really sick because I says I don't like see nobody's home catch on fire. It's bad," O'Kane added.

The chief said no one was hurt in the blaze. A few firefighters were monitored for signs heat exhaustion.

The cause of the blaze is under investigation.