Another Meth Lab in Berwick

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Police were on the scene of yet another methamphetamine lab in Columbia County Wednesday,  this time on North Vine Street in Berwick.

Specially trained state troopers wore protective clothing and air tanks so they would not become contaminated from what police said was in the  house.

Authorities said they discovered the makings of a meth lab inside the house.

Police kept the curious away with yellow tape.

All the activity made neighbor Tiffany Roberts nervous. "It makes me feel for other kids around here because they're dangerous, very dangerous the meth labs. There have been so many in Berwick." Roberts said.

Berwick police said since the beginning of the year they have found six working meth labs or ingredients to make the illegal drug.

It can be dangerous. Officials said a meth explosion in a home started a fire earlier this month. Authorities said the potential of danger is always there.

Debi Hoskins lives nearby and the increase in meth labs worries her.  "It's crazy, it's crazy. My nephews are here and what would have happened if it did explode? What would I have found when I got here?" Hoskins asked.

Neighbor Jordan Tongel said he knows why people make meth. "Probably   money and because they're stupid and they don't have jobs and this is  the way to get money and stuff," Tongel said.

Berwick police said it is unclear why their community seems to be a magnet as far as meth labs, but they have found some in the past and expect to find more in the future.