Memorial Day Weekend Storm Damage

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Heavy storms swept through parts of Schuylkill and Carbon counties Saturday afternoon bringing inches of rain and flooding some area roads.

Memorial Day weekend once again brought heavy rains to parts of our area and left people to deal with the damage.

A picture sent in to WNEP's PhotoLink  shows some of the five inches of water that inundated parts of Coaldale.

Heavy rain brought down about 70 of the Stars and Stripes displayed throughout town in honor of veterans.

"It's enough to make you cry, it really is. Like I said, the town looked so good and now, here it is Memorial Day and the flags are gone for the second time in a row. It's really heartbreaking. It's so little but it means so much, just to fly a flag," said Jimmy Rickert with the Coaldale American Legion.

This is the second time in two years flags in Coaldale have been damaged on Memorial Day weekend. Last year, softball-size hail ruined another 70 flags.

Once again, reports of hail and lots of rain lead to lots of damage.

"Eleven hundred dollars worth of flags, and now they're down again, so I guess we're going to have to do some more fundraising and get the flags back up," added Rickert.

In nearby Summit Hill, Carbon County, after all the rain, Robert Montesrin's once in-ground pool is now four feet above ground.

"Shock of our lives here, wondering what happened. We didn't actually witness it. Got some information from the neighbors basically stating that the water was running into the side of the pool. Eventually it collapsed the side, filled up underneath it and lifted it out," said Robert Montesrin of Summit Hill.

Montesrin said he had just finished cleaning the pool. The storm that caused all the damage was intense.

"Never expected that much water. We were driving through it with the windshield wipers on fast and still couldn't see the road, but never expected to come home to this," he added.

The Little Schuylkill River was rushing rapidly, high and loud after several inches of rain fell in the Barnesville area of Schuylkill County.

Pictures sent in to PhotoLink show water pouring down streets in the area, pooling on roads, even breaking up asphalt in spots.

John Shafer said the rain fell fast and furious. He owns a farm in Ryan Township but said his crops made it through the wild weather.

"The storm just gathered here and just hung here and kept pounding, pounding, pounding," said  Shafer.

With more rain in the forecast, those hit by Saturday's storm said they hope it does not happen again.