Man Shot in Home Invasion

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A man was shot Saturday after he and two others invaded another man’s home in Old Forge, according to state police in Lackawanna County

Troopers said Daniel Griffiths, 36, Aumont Edwards Junior and Jess Cooper went to Timothy Clark’s residence  on West Grace Street in Old Forge around 9 p.m. Saturday.  According to the police report, Clark, 46, had been previously acquainted with the three men.

Officers said a fight broke out in the home.  During the fight, Clark shot Griffiths in the torso with a handgun. He was taken to a local hospital for surgery.  He is believed to make a full recovery.

Griffiths, along with Edwards and Cooper face a number of charges, including criminal trespassing and simple assault.

Edwards was arrested and is locked up in a Lackawanna County jail. 

On Monday, Police located Jesse Cooper in a vehicle near Wheeler Avenue in Dunmore. He was arrested without incident.

Clark is not charged.