Strawberry Fields Ripe for the Picking

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The juicy red fruit is a staple of summertime, but how does this year's strawberry crop measure up?

At a farm in Columbia County the strawberry fields are almost ready to open to the public.

There aren't any people at Seesholtz Farms near Mifflinville yet, but owner John Seesholtz said next week business will be booming. It may seem a little early for strawberries, but Seesholtz said that's because the berries are a week ahead of schedule.

“With the warm weather we've been having they're going to be earlier coming on. That usually means they're going to end sooner too,” said Seesholtz.

The weather problems started with last September's tropical storm when Seesholtz said his farm in Columbia County got around 30 inches of rain.

“That leads to root diseases in the plants so they have to fight back from that. I'm thinking this crop there will be berries but not as big as normal,” said Seesholtz.

While he said many of the berries are ready now, most of them will be good to go by next week.

“It won't be a really good year but there should be plenty of berries coming around later in the season,” said Seesholtz.

Seesholtz Farms has two strawberry fields, one near Mifflinville and another one right outside of Bloomsburg. Both will be open for picking next week.