Last Minute Shopping for Memorial Day

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It's going to be a busy weekend for grocery stores. The staff at Boyer's Food Market near Elysburg was celebrating Memorial Day a little early, grilling hot dogs for hungry shoppers as they bought last-minute food and supplies for their holiday picnics.

"It's at my house and I'm not a party person so I'm scrambling at the last minute trying to make sure I have everything," said Becky Weinhofer.

People piled into the grocery store in Northumberland County, grabbing all the goodies for Memorial Day weekend.

"All the ingredients for macaroni salad and potato salad, and probably some chips and pretzels and soda," Ruth Brassington said.

Staff at Boyer's made it easy for them by putting picnic supplies in a tent set up outside the store. Ruth Brassington saved time by peeling corn on the cob inside the store.

"We're going to be grilling and of course having corn on the cob and thinking about our veterans," Brassington said.

In addition to grocery stores being very busy on Memorial Day weekend, staff at Champion Beverages near Shamokin said they are seeing three times the amount of people as they usually do.

"Beer, some wine coolers and we have about 40 to 50 people at our house on Sunday so it's going to be a festive weekend," said Mike McLaughlin.

The staff at Champion Beverages expects to be busy all weekend, and is even having extended hours to deal with the rush.