Accused Bank Robber Hit with New Charges

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An accused bank robber was hit with more charges Thursday in Luzerne County.

State police said Girard Kalinay of Harveys Lake told them he robbed three banks because he needed money to pay off credit cards because, he said, the cost of everything keeps going up.

Kalinay was arraigned in Shickshinny Thursday morning on charges of robbing two banks and stealing three vehicles.  He had already been locked up on charges he robbed the PNC Bank in Mocanoqua earlier this month. Police said Kalinay hurt his neck after crashing his motorcycle while trying to get away.

The county reports Kalinay's assessed home value in Harveys Lake is just over $400,000. According to court papers, Kalinay nabbed over $30,000 from the three bank robberies and used the money to pay off credit cards, fix his wife’s Cadillac and drive her to their condo in Florida.

Kalinay’s alleged crime spree began last November at the Luzerne Bank in Dallas Township just a few miles from his home.  According to the court documents he held up the bank using balloons filled with a substance he claimed was acid.

Kalinay told police he used a BB gun in next robbery at a bank in the Noxen area of Wyoming County, and at the one in Mocanoqua.  Kalinay also told police he earned around $80,000 a year from his job at Air Products near Tamaqua. 

People we found working for their paychecks in Harveys Lake can’t believe someone making that kind of cash would rob a bank.

"I personally think it’s embarrassing to the community and I think it’s ridiculous if you’re making $80,000 a year you shouldn't be robbing banks," said Diana Veprimo of Harveys Lake.

"I think it’s crazy because we’re all a community and why would you steal from your neighbors. When you’re making a decent amount of money I’d like to make $80,000 a year. I think it’s just crazy," said Selena Adamshick of Harveys Lake.

Girard Kalinay remains locked up at the Luzerne County jail.