Man Wanted for Deadly Shooting

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An arrest warrant has been issued for a man involved in a shooting last week in Edwardsville.

State police said Tuesday that George Barnes is responsible for shooting and killing another man in Edwardsville last week.

It was last Wednesday night when police were called to the Eagle Ridge Development in Edwardsville where they found the body of 26-year-old Daron Trollinger.

A short distance away, police said they found Barnes at his home on Main Street in Edwardsville; his head had been grazed by a bullet, so he was taken to the hospital.

At the time, police said Barnes told them a Hispanic male tried to rob him and in a struggle for the gun, it sent off and Barnes was hurt.

"At least one piece of the puzzle has been solved as far as who did do it, so at least we could, we get the photo out there to the media to get it out there to the public so it's not a nameless, faceless shooter that's out there," said State Trooper Martin Connors.

Investigators said after talking to two witnesses, they realized Barnes actually showed up to a drug deal inside an apartment building at the Eagle Ridge Development in Edwardsville with a gun. Those two people inside ran off when they saw Barnes come in and they said they heard shots.  Investigators believe Barnes was trying to rob Trollinger, who was selling drugs. There was a struggle and investigators said Barnes was grazed by a bullet and Trollinger was killed.

After that they said Barnes headed home.

"He went home and eventually went to the hospital where he was interviewed," said Trooper Connors.

State police said Barnes was treated, released and now they are not sure where he is.

They said Barnes has contacts in New Jersey and Wilkes-Barre and should be considered armed and dangerous.

Barnes was arrested after police said he refused to pull over in a stolen car back in December in Edwardsville, led police on a chase, crashed and then punched police officers.

State police said Barnes lied about the recent homicide, but they are hoping to catch him soon.

"It takes a little while to sift through everything find out what's truth and fiction and boil it all down," said Trooper Connors.

State police believe Barnes is armed and dangerous.

They say he is about 5’10” tall and180 pounds.

Anyone with information is asked to call state police.