One Dead, Another Injured After Shooting

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Police are trying to piece together what led to the deadly shootings Wednesday night that killed one man and injured another in Luzerne County.

It happened outside the Eagle Ridge Apartments in Edwardsville.

Around 8:20 p.m. Wednesday police arrived on the scene behind an apartment building at the Eagle Ridge Development. About an hour later, the Luzerne County coroner said Daron Trollinger, 26, of Edwardsville was dead at the scene.

Police said George Barnes, also of Edwardsville, was shot and injured.

Edwardsville police and state troopers spent the day Thursday interviewing witnesses near the scene of the shooting, but so far no arrests have been made and police said they haven't found any weapons.

People who live near there said they are scared.

"I come home from work and I see all this commotion going on which is uncalled for. Someone got shot for no apparent reason, you know what I mean?" said Joseph Martin of Edwardsville.

George Kanelis owns the Triple K Saloon just across a field from where police said the shooting took place.

"We don't know if the guys local here or more than likely fled the area. Still you don't want to let your kids out there not knowing what's going on.  It's terrible," Kanelis said.

Newswatch 16 has learned both shooting victims have extensive criminal drug records. 

Last December, George Barnes was a passenger in a vehicle that fled from police in Edwardsville.  After the vehicle crashed, Barnes allegedly knocked over a female officer.

Police said they found a bag of crack cocaine and a semi-automatic handgun inside the vehicle.

Barnes was zapped by a stun gun and brought into custody, but was released from prison in March.  Barnes still faces charges related to that incident.

Police still don't know who shot Barnes or Trollinger, who also has a criminal record.

When Newswatch 16 asked Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis about recent violent crime in Luzerne County she said, "It's not just the same old Luzerne County as it was 20 years ago. The big city type crime isn't going away. I am confident Edwardsville and state police along with my office will track down who did this."

State police said they have not recovered any weapons, have not named any suspects and have not made any arrests.