Bruised Bandit on the Run

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Police in Lackawanna County are looking for a robber who was dragged by a car driven by the man he was trying to rob.

It was just around 10 p.m. Tuesday night when a man from Scranton, whom police are not identifying,  pulled up to the ATM at the Penn Star Bank in Taylor.

He said he put his card in the machine and suddenly, heard a voice.

"As soon as I swiped it I heard someone from behind me say, 'Empty it out,' and I turned around and said, 'What?' and I saw a guy standing there with a knife and like a little nightstick in his hand. And he said 'This is a robbery, empty it out, empty it out,' and I said, 'Give me a second to think,' and hit the gas."

The surveillance video from the bank showed a quick shot of the attacker being dragged by the car, and then showed the robber returning to the ATM where he appeared to look for his knife.

That knife was found by police inside the victim's car.

Other than a scratch from the knife on the back of his neck, that man is fine.

He said he drove about a block before calling 911 for help.

"He wasn't getting my hard-earned cash and that's it. I just knew in my mind I was getting out of this situation," said the victim.

Investigators believe the man waited in the area of the bank for an opportunity to rob someone.

The victim in this situation said he actually fared better than his attacker.

"I think he was more shocked than I was over the whole thing, like I said he tried to get me with the knife, but he was hanging on for dear life and that didn't work out for him too good, either," laughed the man.

Taylor Police continue to search for the robber.