Scranton Immunization Deadline Day

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A new state regulation went into effect Tuesday and it forces school district to turn away students who don't have all of their immunizations.

Many districts said they will wait until the fall to enforce the regulation.

The vast majority of the students at Scranton High School are already in compliance with a new state regulation to have all their immunizations.

Senior Jessica Bennett just beat the deadline, getting her shots a couple of weeks ago.

Bennett said. "I didn't want to get expelled or nothing, you know.  I have graduation coming up."

The Scranton School District sent out the word to parent, no shots, no school.  They would be turned away until they provided proof of immunizations.

Superintendent Bill King said "Students in the Scranton school district did what they were asked to do and met by the requirement by the department of health."

In case you're doing the math, King said that's more than 97 percent of the district population, but 169 students were turned away this morning.

King added, "Sooner or later, there has to be a drop dead date, and as far as I'm concerned, that's May 15 in the Scranton School District."

Matt Somers is a junior at Scranton high.  He supports the district's policy.

"Don't get everybody else sick because you don't have your shots," Somers said.

And the same goes for freshman William Craven.  He has all his shots, and he hopes his classmates do the same.

"I think it's a good idea because it will stop the spreading of diseases around the school and keep everybody healthy," said Craven.

Superintendent King told Newswatch 16 it wasn't the district's goal to kick students out of school, it was to keep them in, and since final warning went out, more than 500 sets of parents went out and got their children the shots they need.