Rainfall Leads to Minor Flooding in Lackawanna County

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Much of our area is feeling water-logged tonight, after one of the heaviest rainstorms so far this year.

Some places saw close to three inches of rain already this week.

Jeff Banks of Scranton said when he woke up Tuesday to raindrops on his windowsill, he got ready, preparing to keep Leggett's Creek, which runs behind his backyard, at bay.

"It's risen probably twice as much in the last hour since I've been out here, digging trenches," said Banks.

Parts of Lackawanna County saw over two inches of rain over the last two days, leading to some small floods in Scranton, like in Banks' backyard.

"All the water's pooling in the center of the yard so I have to dig trenches to try to drain it right now," added Banks.

City crews were taking preventative measures because of the monsoon, too. Workers from the Scranton Sewer Authority checking on some of the city's 12,000 storm drains.

Sewer Authority Executive Director Gene Barrett said this storm came on strong. They aim to have storm drains clear before the rain hits but crews didn't have time. They weathered the rain to make sure the drains didn't get too backed up.

"We usually send crews out about two days in advance of the rain event. Now, this one is worse, I think, than was expected, so I would have to say we have most of our people out there today," added Barrett.

Newswatch 16 meteorologists said this storm is the heaviest rainfall so far this year.