Reaction To Wayne Co. Plane Crashes

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People living in Wayne County reacted with shock after the third small plane crash in that county in just over a week.

A small plane went down Sunday just after take-off outside of Waymart. Two men were on board, one was hurt.

"I actually know the guy. He actually took my son on a young eagles day and flew with him, so and he was a seasoned pilot, so," said Skip Martin of Honesdale.

Earlier this month, a small plane crashed near Cherry Ridge Airport in Honesdale, killing one person.

Then last week, two people were killed and a third injured when another plane crashed near Sterling.

"Kind of a scary thing. I don't, can't fathom it. It's amazing, like scary," said Eric Mehrtens of Honesdale.

"Why are they just crashing?" asked Anne Marie Schiro of Honesdale.

Those crashes are enough to make some scratch their heads, but others said, while it is unusual to have so many crashes so close together, things happen.

"I don't think there's anything strange going on," said Martin.