Dirty Girl Mud Run

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Thousands of women got down and dirty Saturday in this year's Dirty Girl Mud Run in Lackawanna County.

The run, held on Montage Mountain, pits girls against a muddy obstacle course that is more than three miles long to help out a very good cause.

Climbing up a cargo net, crawling through large tubes, shimmying under nets and hopping over lines, all through dirty muddy waters.

About 8,000 women came out to this year's Dirty Girl Mud Run held at the Toyota Pavilion in Scranton, hitting up the challenging three-mile obstacle course and loving every dirty minute of it.

"We were running on this pretty good. There's a lot of steep hills. It was very very rocky all the way around," said Victoria Moore of Danville.

A portion of all proceeds from the mud run are donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Last year the race helped raise more than $50,000 for the cause, what dirty girl participants said is the biggest reason why they were here.

"I think everyone can say they know somebody who suffered from some type of cancer, especially breast cancer, so it is a great cause," said Stephanie Durso of Brooklyn, New York.

"There are multiple teachers at my school in Danville that have breast cancer so I wanted to do it for them," said Morgan Kelley of Danville.

For Sharon Stanski, whose sister is battling cancer, doing the run is very close to her heart.

"I want my sister to know we support her and any little bit that we can do to help her out we're going to help," Stanski said.

"As much time as you can get with your family the better because you never know when something like breast cancer could hit you," said Kimberly Kelley of Danville.

"It helps raise funds for breast cancer, it helps out the economy in the areas we go to, and it's just a fun event overall," said Katy Glodosky.