Students Get Career Advice

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Thirty years down the road may seem like a long time for high school graduates. For them it's all about finding a good job right after high school or heading to college to land a decent job.

A career fair Tuesday in Pottsville intended to help them make some correct decisions.

Nine hundred students from nine school districts filled Martz Hall in Pottsville. They were getting ideas of what to do when they graduate.

A PPL employee explained to students how the latest electric car works. "My batteries are in the back seat and up the middle after that I have a gasoline engine, it powers a generator. The generator powers the battery," explained the PPL official.

Some students may want to get into the chemical field. There were demonstrations what happens when balloons filled with air and dunked in freezing nitrogen.

The career fair was sponsored by the Northeastern Pennsylvania Manufacturers and Employers council. President Darlene Robbins said this is the fourth career fair.

"It's very important to share what education is needed for a career and to be able to share what type of salaries," Robbins said.

Students gathered around officials from the Empire Education Group booth. Samantha Shoener  said she knows what will happen after graduation. She will continue her schooling at Empire. "I have a desire to do hair and I like doing hair and if I can go to Empire right after high school there is no reason to go to college," Shoener said.

Brandon Jones said he will continue his education in college. "Get a better education and hopefully a better career,  probably education, as a teacher, hopefully," Jones said.

Officials said the career fair gets bigger and better each year and that's why they intend to have another one around this time next year.