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Berwick Man Burned In Fire

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A state police fire marshal is investigating a Monday afternoon blaze in Berwick.

Fire crews said it started on the second floor apartment of a house on Green Street.

Barry and Barbara Hartman live on the first floor of the house with their 19-month-old son.

"I see smoke right building up downstairs at our apartment and he comes in and asks me, 'Is it smoky in here or not?' and I said, 'Yeah, it's smoky in here,' and that's when he told me to take him out," said Barbara Hartman referring to her husband and toddler.

When firefighters arrived, they said they found what seemed to be an accidental fire.

The man inside the upstairs apartment was taken out.

"Crews immediately got in, found a small fire, put it out and there was a victim up there, brought that person down, got them into an ambulance, ambulance got them to Life Flight and the victim was life flighted to the Lehigh Valley Burn Center," said Bridgett Coolbaugh of the Berwick Fire Department.

Neighbors said the man from the second floor looked seriously injured.

"He was burned pretty good. It looked like he was burned from his head to his toe, so I really don't know what happened, that's all I seen and the smell, there was a smell coming out and it really kind of took your breath away," said neighbor Roy James.

"He was burned head to foot," agreed Barry Hartman.

There is no word on the victim's name or condition.