Teen: Man Tried To Take Me

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State police in Bradford County need help to find a man who may have tried to abduct a teen late Monday afternoon.

Police said the teen reported it happened in Wysox along Route 6 in the middle of the day in a very busy area.

State police said the 16-year-old girl told them a 50-year-old man wearing glasses and a lot of rings pulled over and struck up a conversation with her.

"In the parking lot somebody approached her, talked to her, tried to get information from her that she wasn't comfortable giving. She said, 'I don't know you,'" said the victim's mother, Michelle Perry.

When the victim refused to give away any information, the victims said, the attacker tried to get a hold of her.

The victim said the man in the car pulled up beside her, grabbed her arm and said, "I think you need to get to know me."

Almost immediately the victim broke free and told her mother about the incident. Her mother later called the police.

"She handled it well, she kept her cool. She did what she was supposed to do," said Perry.

The victim was not physically hurt, just shaken up.

Her mother is grateful her daughter is safe and said this attack has changed the way she looks at her once tight-knit community.

"It's very scary because our town used to be so quiet and so small and there's a lot of different people here now, so it's very scary," said Perry.

While state police continue to search for the attacker and investigate the attempted abduction, they do have words of caution for children and their parents.

"Just be aware of your surroundings. Someone may be following you, or a car that takes interest in you, make sure you know where you are, and walk in groups," said Trooper Joshua Thompson.

If you have any information about the attempted abduction, call state police in Towanda at 570-265-2186.