Questions Remain After Teen Shooting

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People were seen Wednesday moving belongings out of a house along Hill Street in Wilkes-Barre.

That is the same street where Tyler Winstead, 14, was shot and killed earlier this month and the same house that police searched earlier this month during their investigation into the teenager's death.

There are still no arrests in the boy's killing.

One by one,  people loaded up a moving van outside a house on Hill Street in Wilkes-Barre with boxes, beds, furniture and several other items.

As they fill the truck, many neighbors ask why?

"I'm bewildered. I can't see how they can up and leave like that? I just can't understand it, exactly what's happening, what went on, what's going on with this?" asked neighbor Glenn Thomas.

"If you're innocent then why are you running away? Guilty people run, innocent people usually stay," said neighbor Roberta Smith.

"It all raised an eyebrow for a lot of people of the community who witnessed it this morning, and it puts you in the mindset that somebody's trying to cover up something," said neighbor Reginald Taylor

That something, neighbors said, is the death of Tyler Winstead.

According to investigators Winstead was shot and killed April 5 after coming home from playing basketball with a friend. That friend lived in the emptied home.

Winstead was found dead in the street in front of the home with a single gunshot wound to his chest.

Days after the shooting, investigators searched the house and left with several items.

Now, after seeing the home emptied and his neighbors gone, the victim's grandfather has questions but is remaining optimistic.

"I hope they're not skipping town, but we'll see soon enough," said Willie Golden.

"There's a lot of rumors circulating as to what happened, but there's no answers. There's no definite answers. It promotes a lot of fear," said Olanda Carter.

The district attorney said she knows where the family went and said there is no concern their move will hurt the investigation.