Road Rage Near Hazleton

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Three men involved in a road rage incident that turned violent in Luzerne County are still on the loose, according to investigators.

Police said it happened Friday night near Hazleton.

Glenn Follin of Freeland is listed in critical condition at a hospital. Police said he suffered a beating Friday night at the hands of an enraged driver near Hazleton.

Deborah Shields, Follin's aunt, said he  has serious facial injuries. "My first impression, it didn't even look like him. I could not believe that someone could do something like that to another human being it didn't even look like him," Shields said.

According to state police, Follin he was at the intersection of Twenty-eighth Street and North Church Street, just outside of Hazleton, when he was attacked. He had his five-year- old son in the car with him. He told investigators that at one point in time his attacker had him on the ground, sitting on his chest and continually punched him in the face.

Shields said there was no excuse for the attack. "He passed him and I guess the guy got mad and he was following him and was tailing him and pulled up on the side of him and said, 'What was your problem?'  The next thing he knew he was behind him and they got out of the car and like I said, it was just the one guy that beat him up," Shields added.

Some of Follin's neighbors and friends are upset.

Chris Furlani worked with  the victim. He said he wants the attacker to turn himself in. "Glenn is a single father of a five-year-old boy and that kid is hurting right now. He's missing his daddy. Maybe he feels horrible about what he did and come forward  and take the rap for what he did. It's just not right," Furlani said.

The crime at this intersection on route North Church Street and Twenty-eighth Street near Hazleton  was witnessed by two other men in the attacker's truck. State police would like them or any other witnesses to give them a call.

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