Donation Jar Stolen

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A mother in Lackawanna County said a donation jar she left at a restaurant was stolen recently.

Kimberly Livoti's son, Myles Mower, is currently in the Army, serving in Afghanistan.

It is his first deployment. He was supposed to be home in February, but that homecoming was delayed until May.

For months now, Livoti has been raising money to buy him and members of his platoon basic necessities from cough drops to band-aids.

"There are so many kids that are over there with him that don't have family, that don't get care packages, who don't receive just the basic essentials," said Livoti.

One of the jars Livoti and her husband, John, used to raise money was stolen from the counter of Kay's Pizza, near the couple's Covington Township home.

"It's absolutely disgusting that someone would actually steal from someone who is protecting their freedom, it's disgusting," said John Livoti.

The folks at Kay's said they have no surveillance video of the theft and no idea who is responsible.

"It makes us feel terrible. Disbelief, disbelief you can't believe that somebody could actually do this to someone else," said Joshua Woehrle of Kay's Pizza.

"That is, that's a sad thing, it's a sad issue. It shouldn't happen, but it does happen in these times," agreed customer Chuck Battle of Dunmore.

The Livotis said it was not just the hundreds of dollars inside the jar that were stolen, but pictures of Myles, too, which were on the outside of the jar.

"So someone either took his pictures or probably threw them away or you know, which makes me even more upset that his picture was actually on the jar and someone would take it out of there and not think twice about it," said Kimberly Livoti.

The Livotis said they will continue to raise funds for the troops.

Anyone interested in donating can send funds to:
Operation Myles From Home
367 Dorantown Road
Covington Township, PA 18444