Manhunt Ends with Arrest

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More information is coming to light about the man who state police said fired at troopers as he escaped arrest.

Troopers captured William Gronosky and another man Sunday near Philadelphia.

Now state police have charged both men with armed robbery and said Gronosky could be facing more charges in connection with the shooting.

Both men are locked up here on $1 million bail.

State police had wanted the men for an armed robbery last month near Plymouth.

Now investigators said just days after that robbery Gronosky also stole several weapons from the home of a state trooper. And Hanover Township Police say they are looking at the men as possible suspects for a home invasion there.

Gronosky and Kevin Williams were taken into police custody outside Philadelphia after a manhunt over the weekend.

Police in Luzerne County were looking for Gronosky after they said he fired shots at troopers Friday morning when they tried to arrest him at The Carsousel Lounge near Plymouth.

Police said The Carousel Lounge is the same place Gronosky and Williams robbed at gunpoint on March 15.

Investigators searched several places for Gronosky, including at his apartment on West Church Street in Nanticoke as neighbors watched.

"There was two state police cruisers parked in front of the house over there," said neighbor Shannon James. "I have a little child and stuff. I'm usually cautious who's around me."

Joseph Hynoski lives across the street and also owns this pizza shop next to Gronoksy's apartment.

He said Gronosky would come in occasionally.

"It was hello sir, how are you, take what you need and go and that was it. It was wasn't too frequent but he'd be in sometimes," Hynoski said.

Police said Gronosky is also charged with burglarizing a state police trooper's home in Laflin sometime between March 22 and March 23.

Court papers show the trooper returned home to find several items missing, including electronics.

Police said Gronosky also stole ammunition and several guns, including a Beretta, a rifle, the trooper's service weapon and the trooper's state police identification card.

Police said Gronosky then took those items back to his apartment in Nanticoke.

"You're very scared when you find out somebody's like that by you. When you walk you're always with a thought of is there somebody behind me. You don't feel comfortable," Hynoski added.

Now Hanover Township police said they are looking at Gronosky and Williams as possible suspects for a home invasion there.

Police said on March 25 two men forced a man into his home at gunpoint and tied him up.

They stole electronics and took off in his car.

Wilkes-Barre police spotted the car in the city and when they pursued, investigators said shots were fired at police.

The car was later found abandoned in Lackawanna County.

State police and the Luzerne County district attorney’s office said Gronosky could face additional charges for allegedly firing at police.