Shooting Suspect Arrested

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William Gronosky, 28, of Nanticoke and Kevin Williams, 28, of Philadelphia were on the run for more than two days before the pair was arrested early Sunday morning in the Philadelphia area.

Gronosky and Williams were arraigned at a magistrate’s office in Nanticoke on Sunday.

Police caught up to them at a convenience store in Montgomery County.

They are now back in our area and facing a slew of charges.

The two were on the run since Friday when investigators said Gronosky fired shots at troopers.

Police said Gronosky and Williams are suspects in an armed robbery at The Carousel Lounge near Plymouth in March.

Troopers got a tip early Friday morning that Gronosky was again in the area of the Carousel in a car believed to be stolen.

When state police attempted to pull the car over, Gronosky fired two shots at troopers before taking off down Route 11 according to police.

Police pursued the car before ending the chase in the Shickshinny area.

Around three a.m. Sunday investigators said officers in Montgomery County spotted their damaged vehicle, and ran the plates.

“A note attached with the stolen registration was that the individuals that were known to be operating the vehicle, or in the vehicle, were considered armed and dangerous and had recently shot at police officers,” said Trooper Martin Connors.

Officers followed the vehicle to a convenience store, and saw the two men go inside. Williams was arrested when he walked out.

“Gronosky was peeking out of the bathroom from within the convenience store. The police officers went in, took the clerk who was working at the time, safely out of the store. They then went to the bathroom, ordered Gronosky out of the bathroom  at which time he complied and was taken into custody without incident,” said Trooper Connors.

Police said a gun was found in the vehicle. Gronosky had been considered armed and dangerous.

“Obviously, they had no regard for anyone`s safety. When you shoot at a police officer, obviously they wouldn`t have cared if they shot at anybody. Anybody that would have gotten in their way, they would have done whatever`s necessary,” said Trooper Connors.

On Friday, police also arrested Ashley Evans, 23, of Nanticoke. They said she helped the two men get away.

Gronosky and Williams are facing a slew of charges for the Carousel robbery and also for a break-in at a trooper`s home in Laflin.

Police said there will be plenty more charges to come for Gronosky.

“Hopefully these guys you won`t see them on the street for a long, long time,” said Connors.

Troopers expect to file more charges against Gronosky, including attempted homicide, for shooting at officers and leading them on a chase.

Investigators said more people are likely to be charged with helping him get away.

Gronosky and Williams are locked up in the Luzerne County Jail.