Water Levels a Concern for Trout Season

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Trout Season opens up at 8 a.m. Saturday across the state.

Many angler's took advantage of free time on Friday to stock up on all their fishing gear.

There is a concern in the fishing community about the low water levels of the rivers, creek and streams in our region.

Inside the Wacky Worm fishing store near Brodheadsville, customers were gearing up for the opening day of trout season.

"Bait, rod, license, pretty much everything I need," said Anthony Ianuale of Effort.

While business had been good throughout the day, many fishermen talked about their concern about the water levels at their favorite spots to fish.

"It's something we're going to have to work with. My guess is they'll probably turn off of bait within an hour. Then time to get the fly rod out and work towards fishing the naturals," said Richard Newell of Jonas.

"This is summer low. A dry summer low. The Delaware River and Susquehanna River are very low.  At least three feet low. For the Susquehanna, it's summer wading," said Louis Herfurth, the owner of Wacky Worm.

He added fishermen will be faced with a big problem when it comes time to find their perfect spot to fish.

"It's going to affect fishing because all the fish are going to be concentrated in the pools and normally when they're spread out everywhere.  Now the fishermen are going to be fishing the holes where the fish are located and those holes are getting smaller and smaller," said Herfurth.

Another thing the owner of Wacky Worm wants anglers to keep in mind is the lack of rain has also made everything very dry.

"Hopefully they won't throw it (cigarette butt) on the bank. It's just dry tinder right now. It doesn't take much. I mean, it might not ignite itself while that fisherman is there, but if he's careless and throws it into the brush it might take an hour or two. If the wind picks up, it could be a disaster," said Herfurth.

He added the best way to have a successful day fishing, especially with the low water levels, is to claim your spot early.