Comic Convention Comes to Billtown

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You may have heard of comic conventions, or comic cons, in New York and San Diego that draw hundreds of thousands of people.

Those comic cons had to start somewhere, just like the first ever Wildcat Comic Con this weekend in Williamsport.

There must be some sort of force at work, drawing all the comic and fantasy fans to the campus of Penn College for all sorts of activities.

There were crash courses on illustration and talks given by creators and authors of popular comics.

"They get to learn about the craft of comics medium, listen to favorite creators and authors talk about their experiences," said organizer John Shableski.

B'elanna Rooney made the trip from Mount Carmel to, among other things, get to know people who have a similar taste in comics.

"It's pretty exciting. I've been waiting for a nice convention to come to Pennsylvania," she said.

The Wildcat Comic Con continues Saturday with well-known artists and actors meaning fans planned ahead to experience it all.

"We said, know what, we're going to take the weekend off from work, come here and have a good time," said David Murray of Williamsport.

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