Job Corps Crew Does Pool Work

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Some Job Corps students in Red Rock are helping to save time and money as they help with repairs at a community swimming pool in Millville.

It certainly wasn't a day for a dip Thursday in the Fishing Creek Area Community Pool in Millville, but a carpentry class from the Red Rock Job Corps was doing the work to make this year's swimming season possible.

Students are taking out the old liner of the pool. What would be a big job for borough workers is a day out of class for this crew.

"I guess they probably have a bunch of little kids here who want to swim and whatever it takes to do it, we're going to do it," said Ervin Coles of New Jersey.

The Job Corps trains students for all kinds of fields. Staff members heard Millville had money to get a new liner for the pool, but not the cash needed to get ready for it.  Many communities struggle with the cost of pools.

The Job Corps offered to do the job here for free, an out-of-the-classroom lesson of sorts.

"This teaches a lot about carpentry because we're going to be ripping stuff down and rebuilding stuff so it's a good skill to learn here," said Jackie Johnson of the Red Rock Job Corps. "When they see on a resume and see that they've gone out into the public and see they've worked in the public sector and done it for free so to speak, that's great on their resume."

The crew likes the community service aspect of the project even more.

"That's what we like the most, that we're helping the community out. Even though we get something out of it for ourselves, we really love helping the community," said Kaseem McCrea of Albrightsville.

While they are doing the job they are certainly thinking about nicer weather and children splashing in the pool once the job is done, but they want to take advantage too. They would like to take a dip there this summer as well.

"Yeah. That diving board looks pretty fun," McCrea added.

All they will take as payment is a pool pass on a hot day this summer.