Scranton Teacher Competes on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”

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A Scranton High School math teacher won $18,750 on the game show "Who Wants to be a Millionaire."

The episode aired Tuesday afternoon on WNEP-TV.

Renee Stevens, a Scranton High School math teacher, is used to giving tests, but last November she took a lengthy multiple choice test of her own and won a spot on the syndicated game show.

Unfortunately, Stevens didn't get a chance during the game to apply any algebra, which she teaches to ninth graders at Scranton High, but she correctly answered six questions and when she got stuck on the seventh, decided to play it safe instead of risk all the money she'd already won.

"I did decide to play it safe, I promised my mom that I would play it safe, if I didn't know the answer I'd just take the money and run," Stevens said.

She has had to keep her winnings a secret from her students until now. Once they are back from Easter break, Stevens expects plenty of congratulations.

Ever since she taped the show, she has used the game show's concept as a teaching tool in class, but hasn't been able to share any details of her own appearance.

"I couldn't give them any hints, but they've been so supportive and great through the whole thing," Stevens said of her students.

Now that the show has aired, Stevens will be able to collect her winnings in 30 days.

Even though she has had game show success, Stevens said this will likely be her last appearance on national TV. She said she will stick to the classroom.