Robbers Sought In Scranton

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Some homeowners in Scranton are worried about violent crime.

Monday morning there was another home invasion where police said the intruders held a gun to the victims' head.

The victims said they had no idea who entered their home.

Rose McDermott said she and her family were wrongfully targeted when three men barged into their apartment in Scranton's hill section in the early morning hours.

She spent the day cleaning up the ransacked apartment on Ash Street. She said she, her boyfriend, and their 10-month-old son were sleeping when the men kicked in the door. One man rummaged through the apartment while another pointed a gun at the couple.

"It was loaded. When he cocked the gun it clicked and everything. He pulled my boyfriend to the floor and put the gun down. I was sitting on the bed, freaking out, what can you do?" McDermott said.

Police arrived just after 2 a.m.

Police said they also believe the intruders may have invaded the wrong apartment, since the men came in looking for cocaine that the victims said they didn't have.

The robbers did steal money, a PlayStation and a cell phone from the house. McDermott hopes the missing cell phone will lead police to the men.

Meanwhile, police are still looking for two men who broke into another home in the city's hill section. Police say in that case from last month on Madison Avenue, the intruders were also armed and may have been looking for drugs.

Police haven't said if the two home invasions are related or if they're any closer to making arrests.

McDermott hopes that since the crooks didn't find what they were looking for, they won't be back. Still, her sense of security is gone.

"We're a nice, calm, normal family, and now I'm afraid to live here," McDermott said.

Police haven't said if they could be looking for the same men in both of the hill section home invasions, but anyone with information about either case is asked to call Scranton Police.