Accused Killer Was Victim’s Neighbor

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More information is coming out about an 18-year-old man arrested over the weekend for a homicide in Schuylkill County.

Neighbors said the accused killer used to live right across the street from the victim in Mahanoy City. They said they are shocked at the police description of a man robbed and killed for no good reason.

Friends and neighbors have turned the front porch of Gene Slavinsky's house in Mahanoy City into a memorial to the man killed inside his home.

There are messages saying, "God bless," "You'll be missed," and "Semper Fi" for his time in the Marines.

Friday night police arrested 18-year-old Jarvin Huggins for the homicide.

"That's a burden off my chest, makes me a little happier knowing that it's a little safer, that's someone's off the street that could do that," said neighbor Ed Peel.

Neighbors said the suspected killer used to live right across the street and moved to another part of town recently.

"I saw him walking through here a couple times, very quiet, didn't say nothing to ya," said neighbor Kevin Reber. He lives just down the block on West Center Street. He is shocked hearing the details of the crime.

Police were called after a neighbor found sSlavinsky's body Thursday night.

Officers said Huggins admits robbing Slavinsky Tuesday, thinking he would find some cash inside the house.

Police said Slavinsky, 48, is dead for only a laptop computer and jar of change.

"He never had enemies, never looked for trouble.  It's terrible," Reber added.

Police said Huggins sneaked into the house through a basement access on the front porch. Police said he cut the power to the house to convince Slavinsky to come downstairs. That's when, police said, Huggins killed him.

"Real nasty. Rob him take what you take and leave the man alone. There's no reason to kill him," said neighbor Charlie Mooney. He lives a few houses away. He saw Huggins around the neighborhood before the teen moved.

The 18 year old suspect's Facebook page said he is originally from Newark, New Jersey.

Now he's accused of beating a man to death.

"This town was great until we started getting all kinds of outsiders and these outsiders are from the big cities and do whatever the hell they have to do," added Moone.

Jarvin Huggins is now locked up in the Schuylkill County jail.

Funeral arrangements for victim Gene Slavinsky have not been finalized yet.

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