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SWB Yankees vs. Lehigh Valley Opening Day

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Manny Delcarmen made it thru the first inning without giving up a run to Lehigh Valley on Thursday night at Coca-Cola Park.

In the second inning it was a different story. Delcarmen walked Rich Thompson the Lehigh Valley center fielder and Montrose graduate which forced in Cody Overbeck for the first run of the game.

Later in that same inning a throwing error on Ramiro Pena allowed the Ironpigs to pick up two more runs for the 3-0 lead. Pena’s throw got past first baseman Steven Pearce.

In the fifth Ironpig pitcher Tyler Cloud still had a no hitter working when he struck out Brandon Laird.

It wasn’t until the 7th until the SWB Yankees got their first hit. A call which could of gone either way on a Ray Kruml hit to left center field. Rich Thompson made a long run from his center field position and couldn’t make the catch-the ball glancing off his glove.

Dominic Brown made a nice catch in left field on a Jack Cust fly ball.

From there the SWB Yankees could not mount a rally and the game ended 3-0 Ironpigs.

The two will play again on Friday night. First pitch 7pm. 9,722 fans packed the park on Thursday.