Poconos Community Reflects on Good Friday

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As Christians throughout the world take a moment to observe Good Friday, worshipers in the Poconos came together to reflect and observe the Stations of the Cross.

A huge crowd of worshipers from various churches throughout the greater Stroudsburg area joined together to acknowledge Good Friday.

With a cross leading the way, Christians participated in the annual "Walk for Christ," recreating the Stations of the Cross.

"Stations of the Cross, which is traditional.  Those 14 stations, you'll find them around the city of Jerusalem and that's where they get their origin.  The exact places Jesus was the day of his Crucifixion," explained Father Thomas McLaughlin of Saint Luke's Catholic Church in Stroudsburg.

To recreate that walk, the group also walked to several churches throughout Stroudsburg, paying respect at each stop.

"It's been good for our church over the last 10 years of doing this. It's a good day, weather's great, beautiful day, and it's good to be here," said Pastor Bob Shank of Stroudsburg United Methodist Church.

"It's wonderful, all the communities come together," said Marie Maenza of Stroud Township.

"This is something that we firmly believe in. It's our faith.  We've been doing it for almost 20 years now. It reaffirms our belief that Jesus was resurrected from the dead," said Rob Sury of Hamilton Township.

"We have all the major churches in downtown Stroudsburg and beyond come and walk together to demonstrate that unity.  Also to demonstrate that we are one in appreciating the Lord's suffering and death for us," said Father McLaughlin.