Busy Time for Candy Makers

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Ask any child what the best part of Easter is and they will probably say candy.

A candy store near Lewisburg has the normal chocolate bunnies and eggs as well as some original, and some very big, treats.

Jim Shaible of Williamsport calls himself the designated Easter bunny. He was at Purity Candy near Lewisburg picking up some sweet treats for his family.

"I bought a hollow egg that they will personalize with a name. I will fill the egg with candy and stuff like that," Shaible said.

It seems like other people had the same idea.

John Berfeindt is president of Purity Candy. He said this week is one of the busiest ones of the year and along with the normal chocolate bunnies and eggs, he said Purity Candy has much more.

"We have hollow decorative eggs you can fill with your favorite candy. We have a thing called surprise eggs where we seal a special candy inside, break it open on Easter morning," Berfeindt said.

Probably the biggest attraction at Purity Candy this year is a 70 pound Easter bunny. For an extra $395 it makes the perfect Easter present.

"It takes a whole day to cool, for the inside to cool. It's so thick.  Then we decorate and wrap it, getting it set up so people can enjoy it," Berfeindt added.

He said most people ask for milk chocolate but it all depends on personal preference.

"Oh, dark chocolate, it's the best. Really dark. Milk chocolate, I could take it or leave it, but I just love dark chocolate," said Linda Dantonio of New Columbia.

"Well dark chocolate is supposed to be healthier for you than milk chocolate so I prefer the milk chocolate," Shaible said.

The folks at Purity Candy say life is too short to eat broccoli all the time, so make sure to stock up on chocolate for Easter.

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