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Missing Masters Green Jacket Mysteriously Surfaces

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This is a big week in the world of golf as the famed Masters Tournament is set to begin Thursday in Augusta, Georgia.

However, this year's Masters comes with a bit of controversy, involving the only man from our area to ever win the Masters.

The son of golf great Art Wall said his family has made a startling discovery.

His dad's iconic green jacket, the prize for winning the 1959 masters, has suddenly surfaced 45 years after it disappeared.

Standing in front of a wall containing some of his father's golf memorabilia at the Country Club of Scranton, Greg Wall is baffled.

He said he has no idea how the iconic green jacket that his father, Art, won at the 1959 Masters Championship ended up on sale on the internet.

“The jacket has been gone for 45 years. It just kind of disappeared from Dad, disappeared from the family,” said Wall. “It showing up is totally like a strike of lightning, totally out of the blue.”

Wall found his father's jacket for sale on a website called

The site calls this a “once in a lifetime” opportunity and opened bidding at $500 last Wednesday.

Now, the bidding is at more than $36,000.

Wall said the family has contacted the owners of the auction site.

“We asked, one, to please put on the site it's not the Wall family selling it and they've done that,” said Wall. “We asked them who has it and how they got it but they haven't helped up with that at all.”

In a statement from the auction site it said it is selling the jacket for a private collector who it will not name.

The auction site said it hopes whoever purchases the jacket will share it with the family or a museum.

Wall said he'd love to have the jacket at the country club but would be happy seeing it displayed anywhere in public.

The family is still dealing with the loss of five of Art Wall's golf trophies taken during a burglary at the country club roughly a year ago.

Wall said he's trying to remain upbeat.

“It's been gone for 45 years. All of sudden it shows up, which is kind of nice to know that it's still out there and it might be neat if something good could happen with it."

The bidding of Art Wall's green jacket will end Saturday.