Woodloch Pines Resort Named Top Destination

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A resort in the Poconos has its guests to thank for being awarded as one of the best family vacation spots in the nation.

A popular online travel review website, Trip Advisor, ranks Woodloch Pines Resort near Hawley in the top 10 out of hundreds others across the United States.

"We were recently named in Trip Advisor as the sixth best family resort out of 500 resorts all over the country.  So we're very excited about that," said Patrick Kiesendahl of Woodloch Pines Resort.

Trip Advisor named Woodloch Pines Resort as one of the top-rated family-friendly hotels and resorts in the nation.

This special recognition couldn't come at a better time, especially after tourism in the Poconos was down this past winter because of the lack of snow.

"We receive this award, really at a tough time.  I think it shows we really didn't cut back, we didn't change anything. We kept true to our values," said Kiesendahl.

The staff at Woodloch received the label of "best of" thanks to their loyal guests.

"We got number six from ratings from our guests. We don't influence them when they go home. We always ask if they enjoyed us and to write about us on Trip Advisor," said Kiesendahl.

"I think that's great. I would agree with it though.  We have a fantastic time. We've been here three years in a row and plan on continuing that tradition," said Brad Loeb of Reading.

Of the nearly 300 positive comments guests have included on Trip Advisor about their experiences at Woodloch Pines Resort, many of those comments have included hospitality and the activities.

"Oh I love it.  It's the first time I`m here. The guests are really nice, the help, the waitresses, it`s just beautiful.  You can`t help not liking it. There`s so much to do," said Arlene Lacovelli of Long Island.

"Lots of activities for the kids to do, never a dull moment.  From the parents standpoint, we love the food," said Loeb.

You can`t argue with that.

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