Jury Deliberates Sentence for Convicted Killer

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A jury is deliberating whether a convicted double murderer in Monroe County should be punished with a sentence of life behind bars or the death penalty.

The same jury is now deliberating after listening to seven hours of testimony in the death penalty phase of Parrish's double murder trial.

On Friday the jury found Parrish guilty of first degree murder in the shooting deaths of his girlfriend, Victoria Adams and their toddler son, Sidney Parrish, in July of 2009 inside their apartment in Effort.

During Monday's death penalty phase both the defense and prosecution called more witnesses before the jury was sent to make the life or death decision.

The first witness was Parrish's father, Joseph.

While on the stand he explained how his son was obsessed with Nazi Germany in his early teens.

A few psychiatrists also took the stand. One of the doctors explained while researching Parrish's life history, the doctor said, Parrish had a troubled childhood growing up. His parents divorced and he was abandoned by his mother several times.

In his teens he became obsessed with Nazi Germany.

He was then admitted into a hospital and diagnosed with a psychotic and obsessive compulsive disorders.

The doctor testified because of those disorders, Parrish has an inability to relate to the real world.

Another psychiatrist testified while interviewing Parrish's first wife the woman explained he was abusive and when she had their baby girl he threatened to kill her and their child if the woman left him.