New Additions to Downtown Lewisburg

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There are dozens of businesses on Market Street in Lewisburg and now people can check out artwork and rent office space too.

Bucknell University recently renovated The DeWitt Building and added an art gallery and a business incubator.

"Down here we're right in the heart of the community, right across from the newly restored campus theater, so we've created an arts district in Lewisburg," said Richard Rinehart director of the Bucknell University Downtown Art Gallery.

Even though it bears the University's name, the gallery is open to the public.

"I scan the world for the best art and I reach out and bring those artists to Lewisburg," said Rinehart.

The business incubator offers office space and services for people to start their own businesses.  The incubator is on the second floor of The DeWitt Building.

"Interested in starting up a small business, we would like them to be a little bit beyond just having an interest.  If they're interested, they can submit an application to me along with a business plan," said Barbara Martin, manager of the business incubator.

The DeWitt Building is located at the center of downtown Lewisburg, surrounded by businesses.  Local business owners said they are happy to have the additions to the local business community.

"It's great. Any new businesses are welcome in Lewisburg. The more we have, the more people want to come to Lewisburg.  It's a destination spot," said Connie Harter, owner of Retrah.

The art gallery in Lewisburg opens to the public Saturday at noon.