Thieves Caught on Camera

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A man from Williamsport was victimized by thieves earlier this week who stole some very expensive equipment that he uses in his work.

Stephen Schramm kept a nearly $2,000 paint sprayer in a van before thieves came along Sunday and took it.

Schramm's Walnut Street home in Williamsport is covered with surveillance cameras, cameras that cover every angle.

Over the weekend those thieves were caught in the act.

"They pulled into the driveway behind my garage, lifted the sprayer and took off with it. There were three guys," Schramm said.

When those thieves targeted Schramm's home on Sunday morning little did they know they were on several different cameras around the property. Now Schramm hopes the video leads to their capture.

"We'd like the general public if they could help us with it. The equipment is vital, not happy with the incident," Schramm added.

Because of the stolen equipment, Schramm said he has missed four days of work.

Police are investigating and Schramm is offering a reward to help solve the case.

"It's frustrating. If anyone has any idea who it is, I'm offering a $300 reward for the capture of these guys and or the return of the equipment. I want my equipment back if I could get it," Schramm added.

Anyone who recognizes the men in the video is asked to call police in Williamsport at 570-327-7560.