Jury Expected to Deliberate Friday in Double Murder Trial

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A jury in Monroe County is expected to get the case Friday morning against the man who confessed to shooting and killing his girlfriend and their young son.

Testimony in the double murder trial of Michael Parrish of Effort wrapped up Thursday morning, after less than two hours.

Only three people testified on behalf of the admitted killer.

One of them was his friend, Conrad Jankowski, who police said helped Parrish flee from the crime scene.

Police said Parrish shot and killed girlfriend Victoria Adams and their young son, Sidney, in July of 2009 inside the couple's apartment in Effort.

The prosecution said Parrish believed Adams was cheating on him.

After the murders, Jankowski picked up Parrish and the pair drove away. They were caught a little more than a day later in New Hampshire.

While on the stand, Jankowski testified Parrish called him and said he needed a ride to get medication for his son who was recovering from a heart transplant. He also testified that Parrish told him Victoria went out for the day and was late coming home.

When Jankowski picked up Parrish, he asked Parrish what was going on.

Parrish replied, "Victoria came home and was taking care of Sidney," then told Jankowski to start driving.

Eventually Parrish told his friend, "There was a shooting at the house."

Hours into the ride, Parrish finally told Jankowski he shot Victoria and Sidney.

Jankowski did not want to speak on camera, but said he just wants to move on.

The defense said Parrish shot the pair while in a jealous rage and it isn't first degree murder; instead, it's manslaughter.

"Manslaughter is heat of passion type stuff, when someone is overwhelmed by events passion can arise very suddenly according to the law," said defense attorney Wieslaw Niemoczynski.

Michael Parrish is facing two murder charges.

If convicted, he could get the death penalty.