Boy Injured in Hit and Run Crash

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The search is still on for the driver in a hit and run in Hazleton which hurt a boy on a bicycle.

Students gathered at the West Hazleton Elementary School Thursday and talked about a friend who is the victim of a hit and run in nearby Hazleton.

Erison Anziani-Presinal, 11, was critically hurt.

Sammy Roque said he was with him when Anziani-Presinal was hit.

"We were going down the hill and the truck, it came from the side and hit him and then when it hit him it kept going fast," Roque said.

According to Hazleton police the 11 year old was on his bicycle when he came to the intersection of Chestnut and North Vine Street. He was then struck by a pick-up truck which then took off. It was last seen going west on Chestnut Street.

"We were crying and all that for him and we were praying for him. We asked people to pray for him in the night," Sammy added.

Anziani-Presinal underwent surgery and school officials said it was important to keep students up to speed on their friends condition.

"She also had them make some cards for him and maintained being positive and when I received more information from the parents and we were able to keep them informed," said principal Jocelyn Podlesney.

Police are looking for a brown Chevrolet Silverado or a brown Dodge Ram.

"If the person that hit this individual is watching we would appreciate if you would contact Hazleton police and come in and give us a statement on what happened and if anyone witnessed this we would appreciate a call at city hall," said Hazleton Police Sergeant Bob Demelfi.

Those at West Hazleton Elementary hope Erison is back to school as soon as possible.